Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Cincinnati, OH

Most of our patients think of Pearce Dental Group as a family or general dentistry practice, and Dr. Pearce is definitely focused on ensuring optimal oral health for your entire family through routine exams, cleanings and recommended home care. But when dental issues become hard to ignore, he is also able to apply his extensive training in oral and maxillofacial surgery to address conditions ranging from wisdom tooth extraction to bone grafting.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom tooth extraction is one of the most common types of surgical procedures performed by Dr. Pearce. When patients experience pain, stiffness, swelling or bleeding gums, these late-arriving teeth are often the cause. Wisdom teeth can also crowd existing teeth, creating misalignment and changing your bite. Because of their remote location in the mouth, they often become a haven for bacteria above and below the gum line, and develop decay.

The arrival of wisdom teeth in early adulthood confers more discomfort than wisdom for many patients. Removal of these teeth has been a rite of passage for generations, and it has become simpler and more convenient than ever before.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is sometimes required as part of a dental implant procedure, and here Dr. Pearce’s broad training in oral and maxillofacial techniques ensures a satisfying and successful result in these types of cases. Grafts are sometimes also necessary when gum disease has progressed to the point where serious atrophy has occurred with the bone in the jaw that secures your teeth. To save your teeth and restore your natural facial profile, bone and soft tissue grafts may be needed. Bone grafting is often referred to as ridge augmentation.

Many oral surgical procedures are performed as a first step in a planned dental restoration. This is commonly referred to as pre-prosthetic surgery. Loss of bone in the jaw can impact the comfort and fit of dentures, for example. Artificial bone, bone transferred from other areas of the body and even animal-harvested bone can be used to add volume and balance to an atrophied jaw. Part of this process frequently involves alveoplasty, which is the smoothing out of anomalous areas of bone, restoring natural contours and occasionally removing excess amounts of gum tissue.

To learn more about oral and maxillofacial procedures, including wisdom tooth removal and root canals, schedule an appointment with experienced southwestern Ohio dentist Dr. Troy Pearce by contacting his Cincinnati office today.