Full Mouth Reconstruction Cincinnati, OH

Sometimes the oral health of a patient has deteriorated to such an extent that a major reconstruction is needed, a process that may involve a range of technologies and procedures. To preserve or restore form, function and aesthetic appeal, Dr. Pearce uses a comprehensive approach that treats root causes — from bone and gums to teeth.

In many cases, the restoration process can occur in our office over a series of visits. In severe cases, Dr. Pearce may work in collaboration with other dental professionals, including orthodontists, oral surgeons, endodontists and periodontists.

Who Is Full Mouth Reconstruction for?

Most candidates for full mouth reconstruction already know that their oral health is in decline. They may experience bleeding and inflamed gums, pain in the jaw, have chipped or fractured teeth, or may have already lost one or more teeth.

Comprehensive Approach with Dr. Pearce

The most effective full mouth reconstructions begin with a comprehensive discussion with your dentist and a thorough exam. Dr. Pearce will gauge the range and extent of dental issues and suggest proven solutions. Based on your own needs and expectations, you and Dr. Pearce will work as a team to restore your oral health, your smile and your confidence.

Although you will both be working toward your ultimate destination — a brilliant, healthy smile — the process is also a journey that will require multiple office visits over an extended period of time. The exact duration of your full mouth reconstruction is dependent on the number of procedures you choose, periods of healing and the extent of damage to teeth and gums.

What Full Mouth Reconstruction Can Treat

Typical issues include periodontal disease, loose teeth, cavities, cracks or chips, misalignment, discoloration and even problems with the jaw, joint and bite.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontitis, or gum disease, is at the center of many problems in the mouth. It begins when bacteria accumulate in large pockets that develop between the gums and the roots of teeth. When these microbes are allowed to thrive, they eventually wear away the root, and begin to separate it from the bone in your jaw. When this process is left untreated, the tooth will no longer be secure in your mouth and may fall out.

Missing & Damaged Teeth

Missing teeth, in turn, create a host of new problems. Nearby teeth may begin to drift, and the bone in your jaw, lacking the essential stimulation provided by natural roots, will lose volume, which may ultimately change your entire facial profile.

Similarly, cavities and cracks in a tooth can trigger a range of unpleasant consequences. When these conditions expose a tooth’s internal nerve, an extraction or root canal that will remove the nerve and replace it with a filler material may be necessary. Untreated, this could also lead to development of an abscess, an extremely painful condition.

Services Included Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dr. Pearce is skilled in the many techniques used to address these issues and ensure superb oral health. Crowns restore tooth integrity after major cavities or damage. Veneers improve the appearance of your smile by covering imperfections. Implants, bridges and dentures replace missing teeth. Orthodontic appliances straighten teeth, and deep cleaning can begin to reverse the effects of gum disease. Other techniques include gum contouring, teeth whitening, crown lengthening, and even surgical procedures that can reposition the jaw.

For every dental issue, early detection and treatment is extremely important, especially since many of these conditions have cascading effects. Gum disease, for example, can affect your overall health. Several recent studies have linked periodontitis with heart disease and other serious conditions.

To learn more about full mouth reconstruction, schedule an appointment with experienced southwestern Ohio dentist Dr. Troy Pearce by contacting his Cincinnati office today.