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3 Benefits of Same-Day Crowns for Damaged Teeth

Dental crowns are caps that fit over a damaged, vulnerable tooth. The traditional dental crown process involves two trips to the dentist. At the first appointment, the tooth is prepared and impression molds and measurements of the tooth are taken for an off-site lab to create the permanent crown. A temporary crown (prone to breakage) is fitted while you wait for the permanent restoration. The second visit replaces the temporary crown with the permanent restoration.

Same-day dental crowns with CEREC technology offer a beautiful smile in one convenient visit, eliminating the need for a temporary crown and fabricating your dental restoration in minutes at our Cincinnati, Ohio, office.

At Pearce Dental Group, our experienced dentists offer same-day dental crowns using proprietary software and technology with Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC). This system creates customized dental restorations at our office so you can enjoy a healthier smile on the same day of your appointment.

1. Same-Day Crowns Are Effective and Sturdy

In mere minutes, the CEREC system can create a customized dental crown that matches your digital impression and fits over your vulnerable tooth seamlessly. A block of ceramic or porcelain forms the restoration. Ceramic and porcelain are sturdy materials that mimic the natural sheen of your tooth enamel, so they look and feel like your existing teeth. Same-day crowns made with these materials are strong, durable and more capable of withstanding everyday wear and tear than your natural teeth. However, if a CEREC crown is damaged or cracked, our dentists can repair and replace the crown in a single visit.

2. Excellent Precision for the Perfect Fit

The CEREC process for same-day dental crowns includes Primescan intraoral scanning. This digital imaging software provides higher-resolution images than traditional X-rays, and the CEREC system processes the photos quickly, fabricating your dental crown with unparalleled precision. CEREC technology offers more customization for restorations than conventional dental crowns.

The advanced scanning system negates the need for a putty mold and produces a high-quality dental crown perfectly matched to the desired shade and shape. Impression putty often causes patients to gag and is an uncomfortable part of the traditional crown process. Same-day crowns only require digital dental impressions — no goop or putty necessary.

3. Preserve More of the Natural Tooth Structure

Both traditional and CEREC same-day dental crowns require tooth preparation to accommodate the cap. It is often necessary to remove some tooth structure due to decay or damage, but CEREC crowns typically involve less such removal.

Same-day dental crowns also provide a better custom fit and are less likely to crack than traditional materials.

If you’re interested in same-day dental crowns, contact Pearce Dental Group to schedule a dental exam and consultation. Call our Cincinnati, Ohio, office at (513) 651-0110 or fill out our online contact form.