Children’s Dentistry Serving Cincinnati, OH

Family dentistry is often known as children’s dentistry, and it’s one of the greatest pleasures of being a dentist. At Pearce Dental Group, we have enjoyed watching our young patients grow over the years, and guiding them from that all-important first visit through the years of teeth under pillows on to permanent teeth, occasionally braces and the confident smiles of adulthood.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has long advised that toddlers should see the dentist before the age of one. By that time, it is likely that teeth are beginning to appear, and parents are becoming very well aware of the challenges of teething, as well as habituating their child to the idea of routine brushing.

Of course, not every dental practice is set up to accommodate tiny visitors, and so it’s very important to choose a patient, caring and family-friendly practice like Pearce Dental Group for your child.

Services Included at First Visit

Dr. Pearce understands that the early years are a busy time in the life of a family, and scheduling this very first dental appointment must compete with other important priorities. When you and your child are ready, Dr. Pearce is happy to schedule the first exam. The exam will involve a gentle teeth cleaning, the application of fluoride to protect teeth against decay, evaluation of the gums and a check for any problems that may be emerging.

Why Early Treatment is Necessary

Dental issues can have broader implications for children. For example, the health of baby teeth can affect speech development and even future eating habits. When a tooth is lost early, it is harder for a young child to properly enunciate early words. Missing teeth can also lead to extreme food selectivity, which in turn can result in insufficient nutrition and its related impact on physical development.

That is why cavities should be identified and addressed as early as possible. This not only saves the tooth, but prevents a tooth infection from spreading to the gums or the permanent teeth below.

Establishing Optimal Dental Care Habits

Dr. Pearce will also discuss options preferred by some parents, such as dental sealants to fortify teeth and reduce the likelihood of cavities in the formative years. Home care will also be a focus of the first appointment, promoting a daily routine that your child can follow to ensure optimal dental health for a lifetime. Part of that healthy routine involves returning for a visit to our office every six months.

Dr. Pearce understands that one of the most important things about family dentistry is ensuring the comfort and happiness of your child. He gives his young patients ample time to adjust to the new surroundings, settle into the “big chair,” and meet this friendly staff. When there is apprehension about an exam or procedure, Dr. Pearce quickly allays any fears.

To learn more about family dentistry, schedule an appointment with experienced southwestern Ohio dentist Dr. Troy Pearce by contacting his Cincinnati office today.